About Velvety Couch Games:
I have been passionate about game development since the early 1990s. From my first adventure game created in HyperCard to mods made for Quake and Half-life, my childhood was full of game designs and creations. After releasing numerous level packs for games like Quake, I worked on the award winning Half-life mod Firearms that was included in Valve's Counter-Strike retail package. These days I'm working as a full time game developer, and in my spare time I continue to create indie games from my studio Velvety Couch Games (such as the puzzle game OddBalls and my new project Elemancy).

I am also a passionate supporter of growing and improving the game development community. To that end I've been one of the co-organizers of the local Victoria IGDA game developer group, and also help with other technology groups in Victoria, BC. We host events for aspiring and experienced game developers alike. I believe that game design, the environment we create games in, and the industry in general still have a lot of room to grow and improve. Community building is an important part of helping games reach their full potential and it's also a great way to share and learn from each other.

For more information about my game projects, including game development blog posts, check out the Games section of this website. You can also check out some of my game developer articles such as this article about procedural level design.

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