OddBalls Screenshot Saturday #31

10:28 AM February 3, 2013
Here's the next Screenshot Saturday for OddBalls. This week I started (and finished) the options menu for the game. I also started making the final cutscenes for when you beat the game. There are 3 different scenarios, depending on how you beat the game.

One of these scenarios results in the OddBall facility getting destroyed, as you can see above. This week I will be tweaking these ending cutscenes to get the timing of all the events right. Then I will be off to Mexico for 2 weeks so I will likely be off the grid for that time. My goal is still to release the game in March. When I return from my Mexican vacation I will be implementing all the music and sounds I've gathered for the game. After that, it's up to Apple to approve it and I'm in business! :)

OddBalls #screenshotsaturday #31

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