OddBall Screenshot Saturday #24

6:43 PM November 10, 2012
Woo here's Screenshot Saturday number twenty-four for my OddBall game! I've been hard at work creating new levels that use the new magnet object. Some of my originally designed magnet levels didn't turn out to work how I desired, so I needed to redesign a few. After a couple of frustrating days knocking my head against walls, it turns out a nice long walk in the cold air gave me some new ideas. Now I may have too many magnet levels :)

Today's screenshot show's a new level that combines magnets and fans. You can see the metal OddBall has just activated the Umbrella Powerup in order to be affected by a fan. Between the fan's wind and the nearby magnet, the metal OddBall should get sucked into the crate and push it onto the button.

This week I'll be working on finishing more levels as I get closer to the final few. Things are moving along nicely now :)

OddBall #screenshotsaturday #24

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