OddBall Screenshot Saturday #18

12:01 PM September 22, 2012
Here is Screenshot Saturday number eighteen for OddBall! I've been working on adding more background textures (each of the 4 "worlds" has its own set of background textures). They all reside in the same warehouse facility so they all have a dirty, rusty and old brick look to them. However, it's still nice to have a slightly different surrounding and colour scheme for each set of levels.

I've also made numerous small graphical tweaks this week, none of which are very substantial on their own but as a whole they make the game look more complete. I've updated my list of remaining tasks and I figure there are about 14 weeks of work left. That's 14 part-time weeks as this is all done in my spare time. That means I hope to have the game complete and ready to send off to Apple certification sometime in January as long as nothing horrible happens before then.

This week I am working on some new foreground textures, continuing to make the remaining levels, and starting to plan the sound effects system. I've also pre-ordered an iPhone 5 so I can test it on the new aspect ratio and make sure it's all super HD and lovely :)

OddBall #screenshotsaturday #18

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