OddBall Screenshot Saturday #11

11:27 AM July 14, 2012
Here is Screenshot Saturday number eleven! This week I've been continuing to update the OddBall eyes (including art, animation and code) and also the in-game GUI elements. In today's screenshot you will see each OddBall has a bit more personality with their own set of animated eyes, and you will also see updated buttons along the bottom that are now improved.

Last week I mentioned some of the feedback I received from Jacob Schwartz, and this week I've worked on some more changes related to that. Jacob mentioned that Apple has published information on the ideal minimum size for on screen buttons so that they don't seem too small for the average user. This size is 44 pixels by 44 pixels. At the time, my GUI buttons along the bottom were only 36 pixels in size because I was trying to maximize the screen space for the game area. However, I realized that this was pretty cramped and not ideal for users trying to press those buttons. With Jacob's advice, I've now updated those buttons to be 44 pixels in size. At the same time, I updated their graphics to be a bit cleaner and also to include the newly added OddBall eyes that I've added.

Thanks to these changes and the other work I've been adding to the game lately, it has a lot more character. I am now continuing down my list of models and textures that need completing including the cannon, inner walls, umbrella, and anvil. Afterwards I will be making more levels to complete the 80 or so I plan to have in the game's initial release. :)

OddBall #screenshotsaturday #11

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