OddBall Screenshot Saturday #9

11:16 AM June 30, 2012
Screenshot Saturday number nine is here! This week I've been working on some actual graphics related content. I made the 3D model and textured the "target" object, which is the goal for scoring OddBalls in every level. I went through a few iterations to get something I liked, mostly because I added too much detail initially and forgot that the target was going to be so small once it's actually on the iPhone screen.

Eventually I settled on a fairly simple model that is a bit futuristic looking. It looks a bit like a pipe that will suck in OddBalls, and also a bit like an "X" to make it an obvious target. The underlining colour scheme has the electric blue that is found throughout the rest of the game (such as within the menu buttons, and eventually with the Energy Charges and effects). There are a few reasons for this, but the main reason is probably that you are collecting, managing and spending Energy throughout the game and I'm using blue and yellow to style Energy objects.

I've also started making a 3D model for my fan vents, but I haven't textured it yet. You can see one in today's screenshot (it's all blue right now), but eventually you will see the details of the grate and fan propeller. I'm having a bit of a newbie modelling issue right now trying to animate the propeller to rotate (I need the resulting model to be only 1 mesh so it remains 1 draw call in game, but it's hard to animate just part of a single mesh and not the whole thing when it's combined). Once I figure out that problem I will work on texturing it. Next I'll be working on models for the main cannon and also the anvil and umbrella powerups!

OddBall #screenshotsaturday #9

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