OddBall Screenshot Saturday #8

8:40 AM June 24, 2012
Another quick update for Screenshot Saturday number eight! This week I've completed a bunch more work on the level selection menu, re-added 20 levels into the list after re-arranging the orders and adding a few new levels, tweaked the level descriptions, added auto-saving of game progress and level scores, updated the menu graphics and various other behind-the-scenes stuff. Unfortunately, none of that work translates to new and different screenshots from what you've already seen. So today's image is from another level.

This level is easy to beat, but as usual you will likely want to beat it with as many points as possible which means collecting all or most of the Energy Charges. To get at the Energy Charges you need to use the Anvil Powerup. This ability makes an OddBall drop down swiftly like a heavy rock which enables it to depress buttons in the levels. In this level, there are 2 buttons that are each linked to a coloured moveable wall. If you depress the green button, the green wall will move and stay in its "open" position until the anvil is removed and the button is no longer depressed. The same goes for the red wall and button. Using the anvil ability costs 250 Energy Points, and you start with zero which means you will have to score one OddBall first to generate useable points. If all of that makes sense, you will now see that the trick of the level is that you only have 2 remaining OddBalls (because one is already scored and removed) to puzzle through 2 triggerable walls.

OddBall #screenshotsaturday #8

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