OddBall Screenshot Saturday #2

11:47 AM May 12, 2012
It's Screenshot Saturday! So what's going on in this above screenshot of OddBall? As you can tell, most of these graphics are still a work in progress and so it's probably not very clear what is happening, but I will try to explain.

In this level there are 2 green platforms that can move up and down along the sliders you see on the wall. These platforms will only move when you trigger them by pressing one of the green buttons. To press a button, you need to fire an OddBall into the level and use the Anvil Powerup which transforms the ball into a heavy anvil that drops down swiftly and depresses buttons.

So, in this screenshot I have just fired the red OddBall from the launcher and I'm about to press the Anvil Powerup button to transform it and fall onto the green button. This will move the green platforms up. Afterwards I will continue puzzling my way towards the blue target in which I need to score all 3 OddBalls to pass the level. Woo!

As you can see, there is also a red platform and a red button which makes this level require a bit of thinking to puzzle through. If none of this makes much sense don't worry because it will, someday, when the game is finally released and you've worked your way through the tutorials. For now, enjoy the bright colours :).

OddBall #screenshotsaturday #2

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