Home with House ep08 - Deep Space Walkin'

11:02 PM July 9, 2008
This month's Home with House podcast episode is called "Deep Space Walkin'". The mix is full of deep grooving house tracks and is themed based on its title. There isn't much more to say about it than that, so give it a download and listen.

Deep Space Walkin' tracklisting:

1. Eric Kupper, K Scope - Intro (Original Mix)
2. Ananda Project - Remember When (The Wind Destroyed Our Village) (Original Mix)
3. Shur-I-Kan & Milton Jackson - Strange Zensation (Original Mix)
4. Ross Couch - On A Wing And A Prayer (Original Mix)
5. Paul Keeley - Sunset Boulevard (Original Mix)
6. Solar Sides - Phuture Afro (Ibiza Sunday Morning)
7. Ross Couch - Between The Darkness And The Light (Original Mix)
8. Lisa Shaw - Born To Fly (Joey's Fetish Remix)
9. Funk D'Void - Lovin' feat. Jay Leblone (Your Body Mix)
10. Ross Couch - Way Of The Samurai (Original Mix)
11. Mitiska/Medina - After-Hours Ensemble (David West Remix)
12. Eric Kupper, K Scope - Intro (2) (Original Mix)

Download Episode 08:
Home with House - DJ Velvety - episode 08 - Deep Space Walkin'
Title: Home with House ep08 - Deep Space Walkin'
Vibe: Deep House, Groove House
Date Recorded: July 2008
Length: 56:42 min
Quality: 192 kbps - 80 Mb

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